Web Development

At Ervin Knight Design Studio, every service we offer is performed with search engines in mind. Web design is no exception. We apply our SEO knowledge and Google expertise to create healthy, professional websites for small businesses, startups, ecommerce and major corporations.

Social Marketing

The world has changed, you have to be using social media, it is that simple. It is not just Facebook & Twitter, there are tons of social niche sites now.Click here to learn more about how EKD Studio can help you with your social relevance.

Modern Graphic Design

Our creative team has won over 60 national & international awards for our design. We can give you a strong brand people will remember and trust. Our logo & brand development is second to none.

Responsive Web Design

We have an experienced team that will create not only a beautiful site, but one that will work in any browser or mobile device. If someone told you a site didn’t have to look good to rank well then they were probably a bad designer.


Our firm is deeply entrenched in digital media marketing; however we still provide our clients with support for traditional forms of advertising. i.e. print, T.V., radio, direct mail, etc.


Search Engine Optimization changes all the time, trust a firm that loves SEO and has results to prove it (that is us). We have plans for any size site or organization with monthly ranking reports to show you results.

Options Built With You In Mind

While our website do offer a lot of power and options under the hood, all of them are practical and user friendly. Because our site was built with the user in mind, working with it will provide a pleasant experience and make you feel in control. We also don’t just give you this power without guidance – Ervin Knight Design Studio has released an HD video tutorial series to make to not only explain the features but to also demonstrate how they work.

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Captivating Design

Graphic & Web Design

Ervin Knight Design Studio is an interactive web design and development agency located in Austin Texas. We believe in creating designs that translate your message, your brand and your business into the online world. As designers, marketers and perfectionists, this is our motto:

A website is only a success when it has the ability to attract a target audience, entice new visitors and create lifetime customers.

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Ultra Hot Design

We believe in creating an online home for your business that brings your brand to life. Our designers work with you to create a custom, responsive website that matches your unique business needs through superior design and functionality.

High Quality

We care about the quality of work we produce. Your website represents more than a business; it represents your brand, your customer service and your dedication to quality. We create sites that take businesses to new levels of excellence.

Mobile Responsiveness

All of our websites are built with responsive technology which allows a site to adapt to screens of all sizes. Your new website will be perfectly visible on all laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones for maximum value and exposure.

Design with Search in Mind

Every website we design is built with search in mind. We perform extensive keyword research before we start the design process. From link structure to URLs and photo tags, search engine optimization is considered every step of the process.